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Frequently Asked Questions


Q: What are the kitchens’ opening hours?


A: Our normal opening hours are from Monday to Friday (9:30am – 7:00pm), Saturday and Sunday (12:00pm – 6:00pm) and closes on Public Holidays.


Q: What are the prices for kitchen rental?


A: Prices will be provided after you have visited our kitchen, please contact 9727-3317 / 2351-1973 for more details.

答︰我們會在閣下參觀廚房後講解租用套餐及收費詳情。如欲了解更多詳情,請再致電9727-3317 / 2351-1973。 

Q: How many people may enter the kitchen with me?


A: We will provide 1 working station for 2 people. Should you have more staff coming in, we will charge accordingly


Q: May I create/complete my products elsewhere?


A: If your product is holding our food factory license, then products need to be completed within our kitchen.

答︰如你的產品標簽着/使用COOK BEYOND的食物製造廠牌照,就必須於我們廚房製造。

Q: Do I need to reserve a workstation/appliances/equipment every time?


A: Yes, you will need to reserve each time you need to use the kitchen.



Q: Will Cook Beyond help with our product labels?

問︰Cook Beyond會幫助我們申請產品標簽嗎?

A: Please handle it by yourself, however, we may assist if in need.

答︰產品標簽需由會員自行申請,如有需要,Cook Beyond職員可以協助。



Q: Will Cook Beyond help with our product logistics?

問︰Cook Beyond會提供運輸服務嗎?

A: Please handle it by yourself, however, we may assist if in need.

答︰會員需自行處理運輸安排,如有需要,Cook Beyond職員可以協助。


Q: Is Cook Beyond kitchen legal and approved by FEHD department?

問︰Cook Beyond的共享廚房是否食物環境衞生署認可並合法的?

A: We are an approved licensed kitchen.

答︰是的,Cook Beyond是認可並合法的。


Q: What type of license holder are you?

問︰Cook Beyond 持有什​​麼類型的執照?

A: Cook Beyond holds a Food Factory License endorsed by the FEHD department.

答︰Cook Beyond持有食物環境衞生署認可的食物製造廠牌照。


Q: May all types of products be done at your licensed kitchen?

問︰所有種類的產品都能夠於Cook Beyond廚房製造?

A: There are certain products that are not included in our license. Please kindly contact our staff for more information.

答︰部分種類的產品不包含在Cook Beyond廚房的食物製造廠牌照,如欲了解更多詳情可向Cook Beyond職員查詢。


Q: What are the requirements for renting the kitchen?


A: To become our member, you need to possess:


  1. Valid business registration certificate registered in Hong Kong.  Preferably “food & beverage” industry; 需持有在香港註冊的有效商業登記證。飲食業為最佳;

  2. Valid FEHD Hygiene Course Certificate (under process or similar hygiene course certificate) ;持有效的食環署衛生課程證書(正在投考或持有類似的衛生課程證書)

  3. Public liability and General business liability insurance policy with the Kitchen;公眾責任保險及一般責任保險(包括廚房)


Q: It is rather difficult to apply for the FEHD Hygiene Supervisor course, what can I do?


A: You may look for other associations/organizations in Hong Kong for the Hygiene course. Exam must be completed before using the kitchen.



Q: What if we urgently need to use the kitchen however there are no hygiene classes available?


A: Cook Beyond may refer you to a hygiene online course  You may start using the kitchen once you have applied for the course from us (all other requirements is available).

答︰Cook Beyond 可以向您轉介網上合資格衛生課程。一旦你向我們申請了課程,你就可以開始使用廚房了(所有其他要求都可以)


Q: Can I do Cooking Classes at your premises?


A: Yes, please contact 9727-3317 / 2351-1973 for more details.

答︰可以,如欲了解更多詳情,請致電9727-3317 / 2351-1973。 


Q: Any after-services available?

問︰Cook Beyond 會提供那些售後服務?

A:Starting from the year 2022, we will have the following additional services:

  1. Provide knowledge base information;

  2. Host online/offline sale for suitable members 

答︰從 2022 年開始,我們將提供以下附加服務:



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