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Modern Restaurant Kitchen

Our Community

We connect food talents and entrepreneurs at different stage to learn, share and communicate with one another so that we:

  • Together we learn, understand and adapt the rapid changes in the food chain.

  • Getting advices from experts and experienced entrepreneurs to lift your difficulties and incubate your business.

  • Share our experiences, resources, and best practices to help you make the better decisions.

  • Increase your brand awareness with commercial exposure opportunities.

  • Broaden your network with the members, chefs come from different background to share ideas, secret recipes and stories.

  • Face the challenges and obstacles brought on by entrepreneurship with you.




  • 提供與時並進的行業資訊,更好地了解和適應多變的飲食行業。

  • 吸取專家和經驗豐富的企業家們的意見和策略,為你的食物事業指引方向及提供解決方案

  • 分享我們的經驗、知識及資源以便你做出最好的決策

  • 透過各種產品發佈會、媒體採訪、展銷會等等商業活動,提升初創企業品牌曝光率及知名度。

  • 曠闊你在飲食行業的社交網絡,隨時與不同背景的廚師、會員或者企業家們交流煮食的樂趣、探索新產品、學習新的技藝和分享你們的故事。

  • 與你共同面對各種挑戰和困難。

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